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"I love being a part of a community of like-minded women."
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BodyLoveSoul Method

The BodyLoveSoul Method is a 10-week group coaching program that typically consists of 4-8 women to keep the group intimate. We have weekly zoom calls, weekly assignments to keep us on track, and an entire course of incredible information that you will have lifetime access to. Throughout the 10-weeks, there will also be 3-4 guest coaches that join which cover a variety of topics from Emotional Eating & Nutrition, to Female Hormonal Health, How to cultivate Self-Compassion, and more.

Why BodyLoveSoul?

What makes BodyLoveSoul such an incredible program is that it really teaches and empowers you to retrain & reframe your mind on how you view yourself, your body, and your self-worth. We tackle all of the bullshit we see in our country when it comes to diets, we work through disordered eating habits and extreme dieting/binging, we work on re-building your foundation on how you view yourself and in return, how you treat yourself.


Together our journey begins...

One of the best things about the program is the community of women in it. Together in our group, we work through all of these challenges together. Women leave this course having a much stronger sense of self, are more confident, no longer beat themselves up about their body and food, and are no longer obsessing about food choices and calories. They feel more empowered and less anxious in their lives. 

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Defining BodyLove

Body Love is a part of Body-Respect. It's an act of defiance, challenging the social norm. Body Love is like a marriage with yourself. You are choosing to show up for yourself every single day, even when the days are tough.

“For over a decade, i’ve struggled with emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia. There was so much hidden shame, guilt, and disgust centred around it. I’m so glad I decided to make the leap of faith to sign up for this course and face my issues head on. This course has not only allowed me to feel comfortable with talking about my eating struggles, but it has taught me different alternatives and practices to implement in order to break free from my previous poor habits. I’m so grateful for Izzy, the women I’ve met in this course, and for signing up!” 

BodyLoveSoul Method

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