Hi! I'm Izzy

The founder of Wildflower Project and a fitness instructor & trainer in Boston, MA.

My journey started back in high school when I started to really struggle with body dysmorphia disorder, depression, and anxiety.

I found fitness as an outlet for managing my mental health in a positive way and it helped me physically and mentally get stronger, and work through my body dysmorphia.

As my journey evolved, I decided to pursue a career in fitness with the mission to help others feel strong, empowered, and unstoppable. 


After working in the fitness industry for a year, I realized that there was a close tie to the work I was doing in fitness and the bigger picture work I always wanted to focus on - helping others feel more confident, empowered, and be comfortable having real, raw conversations around our everyday struggles and mental health.


Wildflower Project was then born.


My goal is to turn Wildflower Project into a worldwide initiative to help people come together to talk about real shit - not just have surface conversations, but to embrace the struggles we face, and to provide education about mental health. 


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